Our Story

A Little More About Us 
Love That is a South African brand that offers unique and exclusive garments and accessories. Most of our items are produced in our own little factory in the heart of Port Elizabeth with love and passion being sown into each garment. Only limited quantities of our ranges are produced; giving them exclusivity and uniqueness. 

Our brand is about giving you the feeling of adventure and celebrating memories with bold prints and bright colours. We currently have 6 stores across South Africa, which you will notice are filled with colour and striking patterns - embracing a beautiful element of every personality.

Our online store offers a selection of our best collections; giving us the ability to reach women all across South Africa and abroad. Over the years we have grown a loyal Love That community that celebrates the beauty of adventure and personality as much as we do. Our founder, Loanda Blewett, works closely behind the scenes to ensure the availability of exciting new collections and garments. If you want to know more about Loanda, read on further below.

How It All Began 
Loanda Blewett founded Love That in 2014, starting with two rails of clothing and a leap of faith, but let’s rewind a little! At a very young age, Loanda was well aware of her deep passion for clothing. She loved how it had the magic to transform and help women embrace their personalities by channeling their personal styles. At 18 years of age she jumped into a career in modelling while studying fashion and at the age of 20 - she had already opened her very first boutique. 

Things were moving fast in Loanda’s life, but even though things were on track she felt that something was being missed in the overall local clothing industry. While working in the image consulting and personal shopping field Loanda realised that there was very little availability of women’s clothing that was exclusive, a perfect fit and affordable. South African women deserved to have access to options like this. Stores offered tons of quantity but absolutely no exclusivity.  And so in 2014, Love That was born. 

Loanda adores travel, adventure, experiencing different cultures and all the colours that embrace those experiences. You will see this coming through in Love That’s clothing ranges with bold tones and irresistible flare. 

“I firmly believe life is too short to wear boring clothes! My clothing is designed to be easy wearing, slip on in a flash and immediately feel fabulous” - Loanda

Happy shopping!